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Group fitness classes

Cardio Strength Cardio Strength

An aerobic conditioning class that gets your heart pumping and your muscles burning. This class combines aerobic-style combinations with strengthening exercises using body weight, dumbbells, tubes, etc.
TRX® Suspension Training TRX® Suspension Training

A suspension training class that will strengthen and tone your entire body while working your stability, balance and flexibility. This fun class gives you a little cardio conditioning too!
Strength Training Strength Training

A superb method to increase muscle mass and to firm up. Target all major muscle groups, lower back and abs. Work at your own level, develop at your own pace.
Balance Balance Combination Class

These classes will help improve your balance and core strength. Balance training is designed to align your body and help prevent falls, while core strengthening promotes quality of life and injury prevention.
Yoga Yoga Combination Class

Enter the doorway of spiritual awareness through body movement, stretch and stillness. My "Yummy" yoga class is a feel-good class which encourages stretching and light strength work. My "Power" yoga class is more challenging, combining strength work and cardio with stretch.
Pilates Pilates

This class has its roots in dance. We focus on core work, muscle lengthening, and overall strength. Standing exercises along with mat work and some equipment keep this class evolving.


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