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Maximize your healthand avoid injury

A healthy body is the key to a higher-quality lifestyle.

Whether you are an athlete in your prime or a retired senior citizen, individualized personal training programs are an excellent way to stay fit and foster a health-conscious way of life. My programs are oriented toward building strength and creating a healthy balance between mind and body. I teach my clients the underlying benefits behind these disciplines, as well as the importance of proper breathing, alignment, and form.

You should only trust a properly certified personal trainer to design and implement a fitness program that is safe, effective, and appropriate.

Personal training programs

personal training programs

My most popular program is the Summer Shape-up program, which is built for busy professionals and students alike who have spent the winter dealing with the daily grind of life, and are ready to get back in shape for a summer of fun and fitness. 60 Years Young is a program that I have specially tailored for seniors, which focuses on functional fitness and quality of life.

A well balanced training program must include all aspects of exercise

  • 1 Cardiovascular Exercise
    Cardiovascular exercise works the cardiovascular system, improving lung and heart health along with the musculoskeletal system. I recommend it for people at any fitness level. A wide variety of activities keeps the exercise varied and interesting.
  • 2 Strength Training
    Strength training helps your muscles become stronger and more powerful. With stronger muscles comes additional strength and stamina for daily activities. You are also more likely to recover quickly from injuries, and burn calories more effectively. In addition to the stronger muscles, strength training increases bone strength, which helps to prevent broken and brittle bones.
  • 3 Stretch & Relaxation
    Stretch increases the flexibility of the major muscle groups through various exercises. These exercises stretch the muscle fibers lengthwise to make the muscle more flexible. Stretch and relaxation exercises can increase strength, coordination, balance and posture. It will also improve your focus and stress management.

Diet and nutrition

The foods you eat provide the energy your body needs to function.
Just like you need to put fuel in your car or recharge your cell phone battery, your body needs to be fed energy-providing foods every day. A balanced diet is required to provide your body the daily energy it needs.

The vitamins and minerals you get from your diet are just as important as carbohydrates, protein and fats, even though you only need them in small amounts. They usually function as co-enzymes, which means they help some of your body's chemical reactions happen a lot faster.

Good nutrition provides more than energy, structural components, vitamins and minerals. There are other substances in the foods that you eat that have become better known over the last few years.


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